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Bruce Lamont.

Yakuza performed at the Beat Kitchen on 1/19/’08 and as a little fan that I am, I was there supporting them.

I like this image. Now, is this representative of Yakuza? Yes, and of course no but I believe an image like this one could be viewed as a recognizable “rock show” photograph. That is why I chose it. I mean, Bruce Lamont isn’t even holding a saxophone. What this photograph doesn’t say is that; Yakuza is experimental metal rock at its core, they are progressive musicians, there is four of them, they are avant-garde in its pure definition, they have jazz and electronic music influences. What does it say then? I guess the audience determines that, right? Whoever is on the other side and how the other side interprets the work is as important as how the art itself is intended and presented -sometimes.

How do I say all that I want to say in a single frame, with one print, with one negative, with one shot? Is that even possible? One? Recently I was told that in itself is impossible. This is intriguing to me and lately I’ve been preoccupied with it maybe a little too much…


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January 20, 2008 at 12:51 am

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