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Racism around me

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In October I did a short series based on an open theme, I attempted to briefly illustrate the relationship between women and society. I tried.  It was part of a Jazz Vespers event Wicker Park Grace holds every month. This is a jazz music, prayer, photography, poetry, prose event. This photograph is from that project.

I work at Union Avenue Community Outreach, a youth centre on the south-side of Chicago, this is where the photo was taken. Through them I am able to take a lot of photographs of youth and people. I’ve had this floating, working idea to use the youth at the centre to illustrate racism in the communities they live in (Fuller Park and Canaryville). Well, when the theme of women came about, I decided to use my floating idea on racism. I asked a few counselors (leaders) and students to pose for me and between the flash of the camera and some laughs I got some good photos. I’ve gotten a lot of interesting comments on this image but something that was said repeatedly was that “they look angry”. Racism is a daily reality in Chicago, that’s not new. Yet, what I find extremely interesting is that depending on where you go and where you are it looks and feels differently. I’ve spent half my life in Chicago, the other half I spent in Guatemala. We all know racism is everywhere but Chicago is a little different, at least the way I see it and feel it. Racial micro-aggression? Critical social theory?


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December 30, 2007 at 10:18 am

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